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At William E. Poole Designs, Inc. custom design is our specialty and we would treasure the opportunity to work with you to create a home that you would enjoy returning to day after day! Who better to modify or redraw your house plan for you than the creators of the design.

Any home may be modified or completely customized to meet your needs. All consultations are $150 for each hour & $250 for each additional hour. Consultation time is not prorated and can last for as long as you need. Each appointment is held by a credit card. If additional time is needed after the first consultation, you may set up another appointment.

Consultations are conducted via telephone or in-house. During this consultation our in-house designer will assess the changes you would like to make to the house plan and provide an estimate of the charges for the modifications and a time frame in which the work can be accomplished. We believe that with our vast knowledge of each and every William E. Poole house plan we can effectively and efficiently modify your house plan to fit both your site and lifestyle.

For more information regarding our in-house design services for customizing your William E. Poole house plan or to schedule a consultation, contact our office at (910) 251-8980. Thank you again for your interest and support in William E. Poole Modular.