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1. What makes a William Poole custom factory-built home different from a traditional site-built home? — There are a lot of differences that distinguish our homes, but the most important difference is that William Poole custom factory-built homes are built by hand in authorized climate controlled facilities nationwide by skilled craftsmen. These craftsmen are trained utilizing precision construction equipment and environmentally friendly techniques which are not available in traditional field construction. Construction materials selected for our homes are similar to what would be used in a luxury site-built home rather than a typical modular home.

2. How long does to take to build a William Poole custom factory-built home? — On average the factory construction time for our homes is within three weeks and then finished on the site within 120 days while a similar sized site-built home could take a long as 12 months to complete.

3. What is the cost difference between a custom factory-built home and a site-built home? — Normally our custom factory-built will cost 10%-15% less than a site-built home that uses the same materials and construction specifications. Our authorized factories purchase materials in bulk reducing cost and time is not wasted due to weather delays which reduces labor and loan interest costs. There are no price increases after contracts are signed and material vandalism is eliminated inside our factories.

4. Do you have pricing available for your custom factory-built homes? — We can provide you with an estimated price which may vary due to your selected material or construction selections, local building codes, permits and freight cost. A convenient pricing form is available on our website for you to specify life style requests, finishing materials and room modifications.

5. Can I modify a William Poole stock plan for factory built construction? — The majority of our stock plans can be modified for factory-built construction and to meet your life style and specifications. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with our in house designer.

6. Will my William Poole custom factory-built home gain in value like a site-built home? — Your William Poole custom factory-built home will appreciate in value just like a site-built home.

7. How do I make personal construction and finishing material choices like cabinets, windows and light fixtures? — Just like building a site-built home, you will work with an authorized William Poole general contractor to select amenities you desire for your new custom factory-built home.

8. Can any modular manufacturer build a William Poole custom factory-built home? — Some modular manufacturers do not have the skilled personnel or expertise to construct a home to the level that a William Poole custom factory-built home requires. William Poole inspects each facility to insure they have the skills and expertise necessary to meet the requirements to be an authorized manufacturer.

9. Can William Poole custom factory-built homes be financed the same way as site-built homes? — Constructions to permanent loans for both homes are similar and banks are familiar with our custom factory-built homes are pleased to originate loans. You would need to contact your local financial institution to discuss financing options.